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  1. Who created Ride App? Ride Report! We’re a team of advocates, former planners, and engineers in Portland, Oregon, who find powerful ways to bring data, visualization, and insights to the bike movement. Back in 2015, Ride App was our first big project with thousands of ride-streak obsessed fans around the world. From there, we began designing helpful tools for cities to manage shared bikes and scooter programs. We want to keep building cool, transformative things. And we’re super excited to relaunch Ride App to help justify and expand ebike rebate programs!
  2. How does Ride App support ebike rebates? We know that policies and programs like ebike rebates will garner sustaining funding when they’re able to demonstrate behavior change. When you log your rides with Ride App, we’re able to share anonymous, aggregate data (like total number of trips, and miles, and carbon emissions avoided) that help advocates, researchers, city staff, and bike companies build the case for longterm subsidies. All you have to do is tell Ride App which rebate program you are a part of. We’ll share our first report soon!
  3. How does Ride App work? Ride App uses your phone's accelerometer, location services, and machine learning to automatically sense, categorize, and log your bike rides. Using a mix of mapping technologies, we overlay your rides on a map of your town.
  4. How do I use Ride App? Using Ride App is different, because it’s effortless. After you download the app and spend 30 seconds getting set up, you can go get on your bike. Ride App starts logging your ride automatically. When you're done riding, you'll get notified and see your route. You shouldn’t have to interact with your phone.
  5. How much data does Ride App collect? Your trip data won’t leave your phone. We won’t share your GPS location or any other sensitive data. Seriously. No personal information at all goes from your phone to our server. The only data we collect is the total number of trips and total mileage.
  6. Is Ride App available on Android? Ride Report has developed an Android version of the Ride App. After assessing initial data from the iOS App, we intend to begin testing the Android app later this year.
  7. Does Ride App drain my battery? We've worked hard to make Ride App battery-friendly. If you are using a newer device, battery impact should be below 2% depending on the amount of moving around you do that day.
  8. Ride App detected the wrong transportation mode. How can I change it? Don't worry! It's easy to fix a misidentified trip and doing so actually makes Ride App smarter. Open Ride App and click on the misidentified trip. Then select the icon at the bottom of the screen that best represents your mode.
  9. I'm experiencing issues with Ride App, what should I do? Sorry to hear that! We're working hard to ensure Ride App works properly all the time, but you may encounter the occasional issue. If you experience something that is out of the ordinary, please help us out and report it. Open the app and click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner. We will begin working on a fix right away!
  10. How do I pause or stop Ride App? If you want Ride to stop automatically detecting your bike rides, you can pause Ride by opening the app, tapping on the gear icon in the bottom right corner, and selecting 'Pause Trip Detection.’